Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poetry Session on Aug 13, 2010

 The next session of the KRG will be on Oct 1, 2010 to read The World According to Garp.

Summer vacations halved the attendance for the Poetry Session in August. A new intending member was introduced Ms. Minu Ittyipe, a journalist. The absence of so many readers, you might think, would have reduced the intensity of the discussion, but take a read of the full account linked below to find out what happened.

Minu, Talitha, Amita, Thommo

 The poets were diverse in nationality: English - 4, American - 1 , Indian-American - 1 , and Australian.- 1

The poems recited ranged from sonnets (Elizabethan and Italian), to blank verse and tercets; and even prose-poems, a category that did not exist before post-modernism. Religion, language identity, and assertion of women's place in the world, were the powerful themes advanced by the poetry recited. These subjects enlivened the discussion that ensued.

Priya, Talitha, Amita, Thommo

Here is a link to the full account and record of the session on Aug 13, 2010