Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poetry Session on Jan 17, 2012

Nine readers participated in a rousing session of poetry that included the poetry of the Sufi poet and mystic, Hafiz, from Iran, and songs by the popular Hindi film script-writer and lyricist, Gulzar.

  Zakia, KumKum, Marianne, Priya, Sunil, Thommo, Mathew, Bobby (back)

We had a guest from Sweden, Marianne Hård, whose interest stemmed from the fact she is a member of an all-women's reading group running for ten years in her home town of Holmön. They read fiction, meeting by rotation in their homes, and having supper after the event. There are ten members, and being all women, they naturally discuss other things besides literature.

 Marianne Hård, travel operator from Sweden, & author of book on Kerala tourism

The recitation ranged from the comic verse of Lewis Carroll to the religious poetry of George Herbert. Talitha even recited a couple of her own poems, which she hopes to publish in a collection. May she succeed!

Three poets were repeated: Larkin, Seth, and Angelou – testament to their popularity. Here are the readers at the end of the session in the Library of the Cochin Yacht Club. We thank the Club for its continuing courtesy in offering a congenial space to hold our sessions!

 Zakia, Marianne, KumKum, Talitha, Thommo, Priya, Bobby, Joe, Mathew, Sunil

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