Friday, October 21, 2016

Poetry Session – Oct 18, 2016

 Pamela, KumKum, Saras

Eight of us met for a session of poetry with the keen anticipation of celebrating the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan, announced only a week before. The singer, songwriter, and composer has not responded to the Swedish Academy as of this writing, but his many admirers were thrilled.

 Pamela, Saras, Priya, Thommo

Thommo came along with his guitar promising to sing some Bob Dylan numbers at the session and lead the group in a sing-along of his most well-known song, Blowin' in the Wind. This we did and you have clips of the singing linked to this post below.

Kavita, Thommo, Shoba having cake & Samosas to celebrate Sunil's birthday in absentia

We were glad to use the session to wish Sunil for his fifty-fifth birthday. The readers were treated to samosas, cake and coffee. Sunil could not be present as he had to go on tour to their estate in Kodagu.

Kavita, Thommo, Shoba, Pamela, KumKum, Saras having cake & Samosas to celebrate Sunil's birthday in absentia

We are eleven members now. It's a convivial group and all of us try our best to prepare for the readings and attend the sessions for the sheer enjoyment they provide. The question was posed by KumKum whether we could find two more faithful members to attend, since two regulars, Gopa and Talitha, have left town.

Kavita, Thommo, Shoba

Once again we encourage everyone to consult the lists of Poems and Poets recited to-date when choosing selections. Besides, there is a very powerful feature provided by Google in the Search this blog facility at the right of the main page.

The group at the end – Pamela & Kavita had to leave early