Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton - Oct 29, 2012

Postponed once for the Dassehra and Bakr-Id holidays, this novel was long awaited. Its simple narrative style and endearing local colour make it an easy read.

 KumKum, Zakia, Gopa, Matthew, Sunil

Tragedy is in keeping with the quiet tenor of the novel, for Alan Paton was writing about a tragic country and its tragic people. A deep vein of humanity runs through the novel. The Umfundisi is a character who grows on the reader; when you are done, you wish to imitate his speech rhythms.

 Matthew, Sunil

The parallels with Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address are brought out. How can a country survive with freedom only for one-fifth of its people?


Here are the readers at the end of the reading.

 Matthew, Talitha, Zakia, Thommo, Gopa, KumKum, Sunil

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