Monday, 8 September 2008

Reading of Anil’s Ghost, novel by Michael Ondaatje – Sep 5, 2008

KumKum reads the passages on how Anil got her name - Indira, Jeena, Penny, KumKum, & Amita

The session to read and discuss Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje was stimulating. Everyone benefited from the reactions and observations of others, pointing out obscure things within the novel, and sharing experiences from personal knowledge of Sri Lanka, our nearest neighbour country from Kochi.

The session was notable for the range of commentary. The singular events in the novel, the angular attributes of the heroine, and the unusual make-up of the secondary characters in the novel, were cause for reactions, ranging from admiration of the poetic descriptions to critique of the novel's weaknesses.

Penny, KumKum, Amita, and Talitha at the reading

The intensity of the participation at this reading, and the rich commentary illustrates why everyone is eager for these sessions.

The next session (Poetry) will take place on Oct 10, 2008, same place, same time! Please prepare.

A detailed account of the course of our thoughts as we read from Anil's Ghost is linked below:

Thommo, Rajan, Shobha, Ammini Amma, Jeena & Indira after the reading