Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poetry Session ‒ July 12, 2013

Mathew, Sunil, KumKum, Gopa

Two readers were forced to cancel at the last minute, and yet we had eight, eager to recite. Poetry, it seems, has a firm hold on the imagination among us, considering how much relish the readers put into their selection and reading.


Poets in translation are not well- served usually, and when so outstanding a poet as Kazi Nazrul Islam is displayed in mean English the pity is even more. Yet his modernity of temper and exultant singing voice gets through.

KumKum, Gopa., Kavita

This was the first time that Yeats was chosen for reading in our group, and his wonderful meditation on old age and love left us all with something to look forward to. On the other hand, Emily Dickinson was being recited yet once more, with lovely poems representative of her strange and striking work.

Sunil, KumKum, Gopa, Kavita, Thommo

Here we are, mightily refreshed after drinking deep from the Pierian spring:

Thommo, Kavita, Priya, Gopa, KumKum, Mathew, Sunil, Joe

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