Saturday, August 10, 2013

What Ho! – The Best of Wodehouse Aug 9, 2013

Selections from Wodehouse chosen by Wodehouse societies, Stephen Fry, editor

The session on Aug 9, 2013 was special; KRG readers came together to share their enjoyment of an outstanding writer of the twentieth century  P.G. Wodehouse. PGW has sparked a way to address the complexity of the world with humankind’s most powerful weapon, laughter.

Thommo reading from Buck-U-Uppo

One of the reviewers rightly observes on the jacket blurb that P.G. Wodehouse should be prescribed to treat depression, for it’s cheaper and more effective than Valium. The editor of a volume of his letters testifies that his kindness, modesty, and overall decency shine through.

 Talitha cannot contain her mirth when Gussie gives away the prizes

In India there is probably no writer more widely read by three generations than P.G. Wodehouse. Mathew testifies to the vitality of the oldest student organisation on St. Stephen’s campus, The Wodehouse Society. And these societies proliferate across the world, even in non-English speaking countries such as Russia and The Netherlands.

Satish reading about the surreptitious uses of air guns

Our final picture shows the largest ever assembly of the Kochi Reading Group: 11 members, 2 guests, and 6 spouses. The photos inside will show how much we laughed at the antics of P.G. Wodehouse’s characters, speaking in flowing prose with a multitude of striking similes, e.g. “He groaned slightly and winced like Prometheus watching his vulture dropping in for lunch.”

(Stnd) Kavita, Geetha, Esther, Thommo, Satish, Mohan, Sunil, Mathew, Michael 
(Sit) Talitha, Rema, KumKum, Gopa, Priya, Joe

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