Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tom Sharpe - The Gropes, Sep 23, 2016

It is good to acknowledge how well the group of readers was shepherded by Priya during the absence of Joe, a testament to the lasting worth of communal reading that every committed member of KRG feels. For Joe's part the absence was more physical than mental, for his mind would keep coming back to how he could contribute from afar. It is now established that the simple use of the Dropbox enables full-fledged participation at a distance, barring only the real-time interaction.

Priya, Pamela, Zakia, Shoba, KumKum

Humour has been a part of the annual reading at KRG, and some of our readers have a predisposition to this genre, which makes people laugh about absurd situations and improbable causes. Those have been the most enjoyable sessions, though who could miss the abundant humour in novels such as Herzog? As Dickens said: There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.

Priya, Pamela, Zakia

We congratulate Shoba who has been appointed to the Alliance Française in Kochi and will assume her job there from Oct 2016. We hope she remains a faithful reader at KRG. We are sad to bid goodbye to Gopa, a diligent reader who left Kochi to join her husband, Michael, in Bengaluru, after an ailment. Raksha will miss her even more than we do.

Preeti wearing costume jewelry her sister designs and markets

KumKum has been a cheerleader for KRG events and her being on Whatsapp has increased the intensity of exchange between readings. Her readiness to keep in touch with the readers has been a source of convivial togetherness which I want to acknowledge. 

Sunil. Zakia, Thommo, KumKum, Priya, Shoba, Pamela, Preeti, Joe