Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Poetry Reading – June 13, 2014

KRG readers gathered to read poetry on June 13, 2014

Thirteen of us met on an occasion when two new members were trying us out, while (sadly) our youngest member, Esther, was on her way out with a new position in Chennai. It was much later than usual when we finished, testament to our fervent discussions and the number who were in attendance.

Sujatha Warrier, Sreelatha Chakravarty, KumKum, Talitha

Two poets from Russia, four from India, and one each from Pakistan, Greece, and Iraq, stood apart from the usual bag of British and American poets, five in number. Most unusually, we had a ghazal chanted by a new reader, Pamela.

Talitha, Gopa, Ankush, Thomo

Poets without rhyme, or reason, or metre, combined with those who performed exquisitely within those constraints. While all poets are contemporary in their time, very few remain ‘contemporary’ hundreds of years later.

Preeti, Pamela, Zakia, Sujatha, Sreelatha

Here is a picture of the group, a bit exhausted after the ardent session.

Preeti, Esther, Priya, Talitha, KumKum, Gopa, Pamela, Sreelatha, Ankush, Joe (Zakia, Sujatha, & Thomo left early)

For a full account of the poems we read and the discussions they provoked, click below.