Sunday, 12 October 2008

Poetry Session of Oct 10, 2008 and Membership

Indira and Penny in conversation, KumKum, Amita

Indira and Bobby as the founding members discussed and came up with ideas of how to qualify people for membership in future. A statement of what we do at the KRG and the commitment required from intending members was handed out to everyone as a laminated template. The fiction session is demanding in time (15 to 20 hours just to read the novel chosen) and then more time to prepare your reactions, critique, and comments for the session. It is a group commitment: since we benefit from the effort of others, we too have to put in our own effort. Poetry is only slightly less time consuming. It needs a fair amount of reading of the chosen poet before one begins to feel the unique rasa of the poems.

We would like people to self-select whether they should join the KRG or not, by presenting the laminated template for them to read. We also have a numbers limitation imposed by how much time we can devote at a sitting (max 2 hours) and the seating space of our DC Books niche (~12 people).

Other matters
Nov 28, 2008 will be the date for reading Amitava Ghosh's novel The Glass Palace.

An expanded version of the KRG charter is attached below:

The record of our discussions at the stimulating poetry session on Oct 10 is here:

Joe, Shobha, Indira, Penny, KumKum, Amita, and Bobby
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