Monday, 2 February 2009

Poetry Session on Jan 30, 2009

Thommo, Talitha, KumKum, Indira, and Bobby
The year's first reading was held at DC Books on Jan 30, 2009. This was notable as being the first session where the women did not outnumber the men! But we missed Amita, Jeena, and Shobha. Had they been present the scales would have tipped the other way.

The next fiction session will be in early March to read from Rabbit is Rich by the late John Updike. For the next fiction choice after that two volunteers will go to a bookstore, select an appropriate book, and buy five or six copies. This may help us get over the difficulty of going through a voting process to decide the novel, only to find after much delay that it is not available in India through distributors.

You may peruse here the complete Record of the Poetry Session on Jan 30, 2009
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